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Interesting Ideas
Assembler Resources
Linux Information
BeOS Information
Cross-System Code
MS-Windows Tools
Tech Info, Win32
Tech Info, SNMP
Tech Info, General
Tech Info, Encryption
Tech Info, Java
Clip Art
Freeware / Shareware
Services, General
Search Engines
Web Administration
Subscriptions / Memberships
Online Stores
Reference Sources
Digital Photography
Earth-Berm Housing
Stocks & Investment Info

Search Engines
Deja News
Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
Web Administration (12meg free site)
The Web Service Index - The Ultimate Webmaster Resource
InterNIC (domain name registration)
Subscriptions / Memberships
InfoBeat (free morning news) (email resources)
iName (free email services)
BigFoot (free email services)
ApexMail (free web-based mail services)
ArtToday (fonts)
MSDN Downloads
Microsoft ISV Program
Online Stores (last year's hardware on auction: cheap drives, monitors, etc.)
Price Watch Search Engine
eBay - Online Trading
Interesting Ideas
Input devices: Hand-waving or Mouse? - LazyFish (Theramin controller)
Planetside - home of Terragen, the scenery generator
Assembler Resources
Tom's Hardware Guide (overclocking, etc)
"Small is beautiful"
What is NASM?
John Fine's page
Programmer's Heaven Assembler site
Intel Secrets Monthly Edition
Linux Information (the official Linux place)
The UNIX versus NT Organization (yawn...)
FSF - Free Software Foundation (hmmm...)
The Open Source Page
GNU General Public License (FSF)
Halloween I (Microsoft internal memo) ($1.99 per cdrom)
RedHat Software
Linux Software Labs
Linux Central
Slackware (see zipslack to run Linux on a zip-drive)
tomsrtbt home page (Linux on a floppy!)
sunsite (UNC Chapel Hill, MetaLab)
RPM repository on
RPM repository on
Gary's Encyclopedia (full of great links)
Linux Gazette
DOS/Win to Linux How-To
Dave Cook's Linux Development Software page
Window Managers for X
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites
The GIMP Homepage (similar to PaintShop Pro)
Code Crusader (development IDE)
Code Medic (GUI debugger front-end)
GNU make - Table of Contents
Official Window Maker Website
BeOS Information
Be Inc. Site
BeBits Site (freeware/shareware/etc)
Cross-System Code
ZLIB official ZLIB (compression)
MS-Windows Tools:
SR32 - Search & Replace (Funduc)
PartitionMagic, DriveImage (PowerQuest)
Agent (Forte-Inc.)
WS_FTP (ipswitch)
TeleportPro (Tennyson-Maxwell)
PaintShop Pro (JASC Inc.) - PaintShop Pro Online Guide
ForeHelp (ForeFront Inc.)
Mindcast (customized email to groups)
Microsoft GIF Animator
Iomega - Cornel iomega downloads - Zip & Jaz Drive Click Death - AutoEject page
DBWin32 Version 2.2
SourceOffSite - SourceSafe TCP/IP Interface
GNU-Win32 Related Projects (GCC compiler)
GNU-Emacs for MS-Windows
Technical Info, Win32
Windows NT Drivers page
COM Info
Microsoft Systems Journal
MFC Professional
WFC (Sam Blackburn)
auto-increment MSDEV build number
Microsoft SAPI download page
Microsoft Agent page
Technical Info, General:
Winsock Simple tutorial introduction (with samples)
Sockets from BSD/unix perspective
Winsock 1.1 Spec
SNMP For Dummies
Wotsit's File Format Collection
GIF 89a format specification
Unicode Unicode Resources
Ziff-Davis Online University
Technical Info, Encryption:
PGP - Beware Of Snake Oil
Cryptlib home page
US Export Regulations (encryption)
Technical Info, SNMP:
SNMP++ Win32 Accept
SNMP for Dummies
SNMP AGENT++ Download Page
The SimpleWeb - Freely available Software
The SNMP hierarchy
BER Abstract Syntax Notation.One (ASN.1)
SMIv2 Design Team Home Page
Protocol Action: Structure of Management Information Version 2 (SMIv2) t
BER info
Technical Info, Java:
The FreeBuilder Project - Java IDE, development tool, RAD, JavaBeans, Linux
SUN Systems Engineer Tech Talk - JAVA
Java Programmer's FAQ
Java Tip 66: Control browsers from your Java application - JavaWorld
Services, General (free mailing lists) (web graphic services)
ECHO Inc. (visa merchant services)
DigitalRiver Inc. (secure ordering)
Clip Art
Clipart Directory
Freeware / Shareware
ZDNet Software Library
Win95 Internet Apps
Email Utilities Software, Freeware, etc. - DaveCentral
Code/Info Archives
Reference Sources
English Dictionary
Merriam Webster Dictionary
Foreign Language Translation
Local Area Maps
Medicine (
fractions vs decimals 0 - 1.0 by 1/256
ASCII character table
Be Corporation, home of BeOS
Opera Software (good lightweight browser)
LesTec - Visual REXX Utility
Hamilton Laboratories (tools)
How To Become A Hacker (propaganda)
Visual C++ page
Microsoft Knowledge Base (ok with T1 line and lots of patience)
Digital Photography
Leica Digilux
Phase One Digital Cameras
MegaVision Digital Cameras
IMAGEK - Electronic Film System (hoax?)
IBM's Microdrive Technology (340mb, smartcard size)
Phil Askey's photo site (w/comparison-engine)
Accurate Image Manipulation
Digital Photography Reference
gPhoto - digital camera utility for Linux
FujiCleaver for The Gimp
Earth-Berm Housing
Underground (Earth berm and sheltered) Homes
Earth Sheltered Design-Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Lycos Building Guide: Earth Berm Houses
Earth Sheltered Structures (Durango, CO)
Investment Information
Stock Tools
QuoteTracker (ad-ware, graphs from BigCharts, realtime updates/alerts if you have a quote source)
Personal Stock Monitor (shareware, good tool for bulk screening)
Table of Fractional vs Decimal Prices, 0 - 1.0 by 1/256
Getting Started with MS Excel

Stock Screening Engines
Feeb's watch-list
StockTools (excellent screening search) (search engine, info) (search engine, info)

Stock Charts & Research
BigCharts (great interactive graphs) (extensive graphs, good educational material for technical analysis)
Dismal Scientist (economic events calendar, much more)
Industry Groups
Corporate Information
StockDetective (research, stinky-stocks list) (insider trading information) (earnings release dates)
CompanySleuth (research) (research)
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)
FreeEdgar (easier than going to SEC)
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Stock Split info (1) or (2)

Stock Quotes
Island Book viewer
Raging Bull (quotes/boards)
Free Realtime Quotes (level-2 etc)
Thompson I-Watch (institutional)

Online Stock Brokers, browser-based
Reviews of most online brokers
SureTrade (often slow, clumsy UI)
Web Street Securities (looks reasonable)

Online Stock Brokers, non-browser based
Reviews of most online brokers
myTrack (monthly add-on fees)
The Executioner (expensive monthly fees)
Trend Trader LLC (monthly software fees)
DeltaTrader (?)

IPO Sources
Hoover's Online: IPO Central
IPO Maven
Ostman's Alert IPO

Message Boards
Silicon Investor
Raging Bull
DipWits Picks

Daytrading Resources
DayTradingStocks Links
DayTrading Tools (subscription)

Futures Trading Resources
Futures Trading for Beginners
DJXXX Futures Site

Eduncation and Other Stock Resources
Investment FAQ Home Page
Roth IRA Information
VectorVest Analysis
Stock Consultant
WebStreet Glossary
Gold Penny (penny-stock resources)
Pennystock Investor
E-Analytics (info)
Market Stats
Trader's Resource
Daniel Eder's links
Stock Patrol

Online News Resources
iSyndicate (news links for web-sites)

Denver/Boulder Local:
Boulder Weather Center - 4-day forecast - Weather
Boulder Movies - Boulder Restaurants
Boulder Linux Users Group (LUG)
Denver Post Online

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